How do you know Bo?

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I have been active on social media websites for years and years. With all the stores, event promotions, and  client websites, I have met a lot of people online.  I would love for you to use the comment form below to tell me how we met. If you are working with me on any special projects, please leave the link to your social media profile ( in the url section)  if its a public channel or profile. These comments are being moderated to prevent spam. I will not share email addresses from this form below.

So how do I know you?

I will send some social media activity your way if you want it. It is good to support your friends with likes and shares.


15 thoughts on “How do you know Bo?”

  1. I know Bo from Webtalk and we have joined other opportunities from our mutual associates from Webtalk. I have also joined Webtalk Legends and Bo is a top guy in the Legends sites. Webtalk is a great site for multiple reasons. Come join us 🤠 click my name to join us. The pay gets better as the site improves and we get closer and closer to the official launch.

  2. I met Bo through Webtalk and Webtalk Legends. His positive energy is contagious for all that know him. I have been a member of Webtalk since the end of 2018 and never would have had the chance to make this great connection with Bo if it had not been for the platform. Webtalk has helped me make new connections globally and not only that – the cherry on top is – I have have also been paid by Webtalk just for using the platform to meet others!

  3. I know Bo from Webtalk & also Webtalk Legends. I enjoy Bo’s latest blogs he shares on Webtalk on what to do on Myrtle beach also! Bo always keeps us motivated on Webtalk Legends! 👌


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