Webtalk Points Study

I did a 3 day test on webtalk – Here are my findings

12/7/2022 Activity

I did my normal Daily North Myrtle Beach Post ( not a spotlight)

Then I posted a Spotlight Post as a Test

After Posting my spotlight post, I viewed every single webtalk legends profile and interacted with their last post if it was posted within the last week.

Spotlight Post (Just a Test)
9 Likes from Webtalk Legends
6 from non-Webtalk Legends


1 Share

5 Total Comments from Webtalk Legends
3 from Non-Legends
1 reply from Me

I got a login bonus of 100 points
I got an app video watch bonus 100 Points

My dashboard says I got 1 profile view from a Webtalk Legend on 12/7
Thanks Hachi B!

I got 1808 Personal Points for activity on 12/7/2022

12/8/2022 Activity

I repeated all of the 12/7 activities but also watched 5 videos on the app – spotlight post on 12/8

I received 4800+ personal points

12/9/2022 Activity

I didn’t do anything but login to get my 100 bonus points – No Posts.  No Interactions.
I received 984 personal points

Conclusion: How to get points on Webtalk?

The best way to get points today on webtalk is to watch the video ads on the webtalk app. It seems to be worth way more than 100 bonus points. I am  pro member in the US and that might affect things more than anything else.

What are your thoughts?

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